Lightroom Mod APK

With our modified Lightroom app,  users can unlock and enjoy all the premium features of the official Lightroom App.

App NameAdobe Lightroom MOD APK
Published ByAdobe
App Version 9.2.2
Size193 MB
CategoryPhoto and Video Editor
Android Requirement8.0 and up
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Updated OnMarch 29, 2024

Create Presets for Free

Get access to premium presets for absolutely no charge.

Develop Module’s Presets is Lightroom’s most loved feature, making it stand out from other photo and video editing software. If playing around with adjustment sliders has resulted in a unique configuration you would like to preserve for future projects, then you definitely can.

This is where Presets come in, allowing you to get inspired by giving you a headstart. It is also incredibly effective if you want your photos to have a unified look to develop your brand. 

Database that’s more than ENOUGH for you!

No need to opt and cancel for trials, access everything for FREE!

User Interface

Lightroom’s Intuitive UI Is 5/5

Trying to make sense of a complicated user interface does not spark creativity, and nobody understands that better than Lightroom. Improving workflow and effectiveness makes moving between images or accessing different views simple.

Do you want to move through several modifications on a single image using the Develop Module’s architecture or edit several photos using the Library grid view? The choice is yours.

No complications, even for a newbie!

Perfectly Designed.

In-built Camera

We firmly believe that it’s not the tools but the carpenter, so if you are new to photography, you don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet to get a professional camera.

Especially when the Lightroom mobile application gives you a camera ready to shoot high-quality images, including shooting in RAW format for greater flexibility in editing. 

RAW File Editor

If you wish to photograph images of top-notch quality, then you should probably turn to a dSLR camera. If you want instant Instagram-ready photos, you would not mind the camera processing all the data using the JPEG format.

But if you want a flawless canvas for post-processing, your choice should be the uncompressed RAW files that hold onto all the information for greater flexibility.

This is also the choice for professional photographers, so you know you are in for a treat. Go ahead and use RAW files with Lightroom for more polished results. 

Non Destructive Editing

Like any creative process, image enhancement is an amalgamation of finding inspiration and adjusting as you sometimes scrape projects altogether.

So, if you find yourself working with software that makes permanent changes, then there is no room for mistakes, making the process restrictive and rather stress-inducing. 

Not with Lightroom, as it creates an XMP sidecar file for RAW, JPEG, and TIFF photos, or it can incorporate a set of adjustment instructions for DNG files, which are then preserved in the catalog file.

So rest assured, as the authenticity of your original image is never corrupted, you can play around as much as you wish by creating virtual copies of your photographs.

Cloud Storage

Suppose you love phone photography and always have a portable camera on you. In that case, you know the pain of running out of storage all too well, but not anymore, as Lightroom has cloud storage so that you can save your original.

You can use as many virtual versions as you need in one place. You can also easily share your photos and create entire web galleries and albums, among other things.

Web Export

If your creativity is your strength, then with Lightroom, you can share it with the world and turn your passion into your profession. The first step is sharing your work on popular platforms and garnering attention.

With the Web Export feature, users can upload their work on platforms like Behance to not just savor its additional benefits but also find like-minded individuals and inspiration. You can network with professionals and potential clients to advance your photography career when you reach your target demographic. 


Photo and video editing takes a team effort, especially if you are working on entire albums or creating content, so, naturally, it requires several devices to accomplish it.

Whether you are working with clients or part of a creative team, Adobe Lightroom’s easy sharing and feedback features for modified photographs ensure everyone is on board.

The information is automatically synced across all the devices, ensuring no hiccups, irrespective of device or location. And when the vision of several innovative minds comes together, you can be assured that the result will blow everyone’s socks off.

Never Miss Out!

What’s New In LR Mod?

As the Artificial Intelligence revolution gains traction among the common masses, corporations are starting to incorporate it so that people can access and experience it directly.

Lightroom has also jumped in on the action, so let’s see the newest and coolest features we have been graced with.

Bokeh AI

An AI-powered Lens Blur for that oh-so-aesthetic bokeh effect.

Auto Detection

An AI-powered subject detection automatically sets the focal range. 

Multiple Formats

You can edit and save HDR photos in AVIF and JPEG XL formats.

Why Lightroom Mod Apk?

On top of an attractive array of features, the Lightroom application gets frequent updates, unlocking more features to broaden your horizon and increase image enhancement possibilities. And having Lightroom Mod ensures you will receive all the benefits for free. 

Premium Unlocked

As mentioned, Lightroom is a subscription service, and all the features cannot be accessed after your free trial ends.

We offer you a modified version of Lightroom to access all the premium features without breaking the bank. Students can significantly benefit from Lightroom Mod by discovering whether they have a knack for photography without committing to a payment. 

Free Presets

Lightroom does allow you to create your own presets, but it also has a library of preexisting presets, which is a perfect place to start if you are looking for inspiration. As it is a collaborative application, you can also find the work of professional photographers and import their presets for a brilliant learning experience.

These existing presets can be further customized to give your work your personal touch. And would you believe us if we say you can access all this for free with the Lightroom Mod APK? Well, it is. 

No Ads

Ads are a recipe to break workflow and productivity. An ad interruption can make you lose it in the abyss, especially when a creative process is involved in which creativity and ideas strike in a moment.

Unfortunately, the official application is not free from ads even if you have subscribed, but that is not the case for Lightroom Mod APK, where you will never find such buzzkills.  

Not everyone is comfortable sharing their data to start using an application. For valid privacy concerns, Lightroom Mod APK does not require you to log in to start editing your photos. This not only creates a safe but relatively efficient environment.

Lightroom Mod APK Download / Installation Guide

To ensure a successful installation and take advantage of all Lightroom’s premium features without paying, carefully follow the steps outlined below for downloading and installing the Lightroom Mod APK.

On an Android Device 

  1. To allow third-party APK downloads, open the Settings app, select Apps, click Special app access, tap Install unknown sources, choose a file manager or browser, and then hit Allow from this source.
  2. To initiate the downloading process, revisit our page, locate the download link, and proceed by clicking. 
  3. To locate the downloaded file on your mobile device, launch the File Manager app and search for APKs.
  4. You can also proceed by entering the file name in the search box and selecting the file.
  5. A pop-up will appear, prompting you to start the installation. 
  6. Once you’re done, you can locate the Lightroom app icon on your home screen.
  7. Launch the app to begin editing your photographs like a pro. 

On a PC

To enhance your image editing experience further, you can get Lightroom Mod APK on your PC. You will need a little help from emulators for that.

  1.  To install an emulator, start by looking up the emulator of your choice. Bluestacks, MemuPlay, and LDPlayer are common choices. 
  2. Find the official website of the emulator and download the exe file. 
  3. Follow the installation instructions and sign in with your Google account. 
  4. Retreat to our page to download Lightroom Mod APK after you have downloaded the emulator. 
  5. Find the download link to begin the download process. 
  6. Open the APK file on your PC using the emulator. 
  7. You will then be prompted to start the installation. 
  8. Locate the Lightroom icon in your emulator, launch it, and navigate to the home page to start your editing adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions | LR MOD

Is Lightroom free to use?

Lightroom offers a 7-day trial period, after which you must pay a monthly subscription fee to access all the premium features. But with Lightroom Mod APK, you can access everything without spending a penny. 

Is Lightroom easy to use?

Lightroom is a much more intuitive editing software than Photoshop but much more potent than apps with basic editing options in the form of adjustment sliders and filters. So, it makes for a perfect package.

Can we use Lightroom to edit videos?

You can easily transition between editing photos and videos on Lightroom Mod APK. Edit short clips, string clips together, or create transitions; the sky is the limit with Lightroom. 

Is logging in necessary to use Lightroom? 

No login is optional if you are using Lightroom Mod APK. 

Lightroom Mod APK is the modified version of the original photo video editor Lightroom but with the premium features unlocked for free!


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